Fall Semester Final Exams

With 2019 coming to an end, students can celebrate half of the 2019-2020 school year being over.  After 5 months of hard work and studying, it feels a slight burden being lifted from your shoulders.  Although, this weight wont be lifted until after the fall final exams.  Preparing for these exams is usually a very stressful time, especially when you are a student athlete and you have practices everyday after school.

As this semester comes to a close, you also celebrate the end of a decade.  During this time period you have experienced a lot as well as learned a lot.  You cannot get back the time you have lost, but you can improve and do better with the time you have.  And that starts with education.  You should take our finals seriously and do the best you can.  You should continue to take SATs and ACTs to better your scores and better your chances of going to the college of your choice.  You are the future and you hold the world in your hands right now…… What will you do with it?

By C.M.