The New Recruit

Franco Paez’s journey to the military started in downtown Houston Memorial Herman where he was born.

As Franco grew older, his personality grew and so did his character. Always involved in something positive and being an outgoing person, he even played sports from when he was little up to his junior year in high school. And that is where he arrived at the idea of going to the military where he will serve, protect, represent, and become the future of this country.

Franco may not be all set on what branch he wants to go to, but he does know that the military is his dream, his vision, his success, his future.

Franco is not involved in the military program, ROTC, that we have here at Bush. He has, however, talked with the sergeants and representatives about what its like to be in the military and what they have to offer.

As Franco got older, he had a change of heart.

“Then it hit me, what if I could do the first thing nobody’s done in my family, nobody’s done around me, something that could really make a change in me and somewhere else or in another person that is in the same position?” Franco said.

Franco has a plan to deal with any negativity.

”I can show you better than I can tell you, that I can promise you.” Franco said.

By K.P.