The Battle of The ASA’S


On friday, December 6, BHS hosted the annual Battle of The ASA’s. There were six schools that competed in this year’s show. The schools that competed were Alief Early College, KIPP, George Ranch, Cinco Ranch, Hightower, and Austin High School. There was also a special guest performance by Travis ASA.

There were three rounds of the competition. The rounds were Congoless, Afro Beats, and Instrumental.

Bush High School didn’t compete this year round, but they had a lot of talent to show as they performed an opening for each round.

The hosts of the show were Clinton Anokwuru and Josh Okonkwo. Josh and Clinton kept the show lively and fun. They made a lot of funny jokes and comment. The hosts interacted with the audience and could relate to them.

Hosting the show is not an easy task, especially when it is your first one.

“It was a bit overwhelming at first, then when I got on stage I eased up. I feel like it had a good turn out, the seats were packed” Josh Oknokwo said.

Though the show had a good turn out, there could’ve been more things to make the show even better.

” We could’ve practiced more and made it more organized,” Okonkwo said.

The final round was between George Ranch and KIPP, but there could only be one winner. KIPP High School came out of the competition with a great win.

This years Battle of The ASA’S was a great experience to many people.

By E.O.