Tianna Castillo’s High School Experience

Tianna Castillo's High School Experience

Tianna Marie Castillo is a senior at George Bush High School. Castillo has been involved in several different extra curricular activities since freshman year. Castillo is the Chief Editor of Newspaper, President of Quill & Scroll, Drum Major for band, an Honors Band member, and a member of NJROTC.  She has made a positive impact with her time spent at Bush High

Castillo has made many memories since she’s began high school.

“My favorite memory from freshman year was my first football game for band. I remember getting on the bus and being really nervous, but I was sitting with my friend Sophia and she said it’s gonna be okay. She told me the second the drums go off we’re gonna get really hype, and that’s what we did,” Castillo said.

There are some moments she wishes she could relive do all over again.

“I wish that I could do last year’s Band UIL Marching competition season again because we got to Area and we were really proud of ourselves, but we let it get to our heads. We didn’t put forth as much effort as we should have, so we ended up getting last place,” Castillo said.

Castillo has made many memories in high school, but has one moment that was truly memorable.

“My most memorable moment in high school was my first prom sophomore year because it was brother’s graduation year. As a sophomore there with them it was really fun, and I’ve never seen my brother in that type of environment before,” Castillo said.

Castillo has had many achievements, but there were was one that meant a lot with her.

” Last year whenever we went to Journalism UIL and I earned medals; I was really proud of myself,” Castillo said.

Castillo has made a powerful impact during her four years at Bush. This school has also impacted and shaped her into the young lady she is now. Castillo will continue to be successful in college and for the rest of her life.

By E.O.