Boys Sophomore Basketball

The Sophomore Basketball Team faced off against Ridge Point  High School on January 10th .The team started off cold in the first quarter, and the game was neck and neck during the whole first half. In second half, the Broncos came out the half slow and were down big buy the time the the 3rd quarter was over. The Broncos were not clicking the whole second half.

The Broncos knew that they had a big challenge in front of them, but weren’t as prepared for the task at hand, and the Broncos lost.

“We had a good team in front of us, but wasn’t prepared,” Alan Baccera said.

”We got too big headed at the end of the 1st quarter, and we let the game slip away,” Brandon Chambers said.

Some of the team members felt that they let the game slip away.

”We were doing good until we gave up and unfortunately lost the game,” Marquis Marriet said.

The team was better than how they played in the game.

”I think we were the better team, but we let our emotions get in the way,” Sebastian Macintosh said.

By D.D.