Ball Till You Fall

Ball Till You Fall

The Boys Varsity Basketball Boys faced Travis at Wheeler Field House on Friday, January 24th at 7 p.m. The Varsity Boys had a hard loss of 53-63.

Senior Varsity Basketball Player Dominique Lemelle, #23, mentally prepares for games.

“During games I feel pretty good. I take a lot of time to make sure my body and mind are ready for the game. When the game starts, I never get down in my head even if we’re losing because as along as there’s time left on the clock, there is time left for us to come back and win the game,” Lemelle said.

As a team, everyone has their ups and downs. Lemelle knows that at the end of the day everyone is a team and comes together.

“During games, we have to realize we’re all coming together for one goal, and that’s to win the basketball game every night. Any disagreement is discussed after the game but the team winning is the most important part,” Lemelle said.

Lemelle loved basketball at a very young age, and, ever since he’s been playing with teams.

“Growing up, I watched a lot of basketball. At age four I started playing and I fell in love with basketball. My dad used to tell me a lots of stories about when he played. Basketball kept me out of trouble and occupied whenever I needed it to,” Lemelle said.

During his free time, Lemelle practices everyday to get better.

“I shoot during 6th period everyday and try to make up drills to practice the shots that I would get in a game, so my in-games shots are worked on and not just random things I wouldn’t do in a game,” Lemelle said.

Famous athlete from The Lakers, Lebron James, inspired Lemelle that basketball ties more than a sport.

“Lebron James is my favorite basketball player. Watching the way he plays the games (unselfishly) made me want to be like him. James made me realize that basketball ties more than just a sport. It can do a lot for one person; that’s why I love basketball so much,” Lemelle said.

Bush Basketball Coach Gay, advises Lemelle that wanting to be successful comes with hard work first.

“Coach Gay always remind me ‘you get what you put in’, if I want to be successful, I’m going to have to work for it and that’s a life lesson as well. Nothing is given,” Lemelle said.