Bronco Culture

George Bush High School is known for many things. From their talented theater troupe, to the award-winning JROTC program, the students at George Bush find ways to express themselves. That expression begins with culture. Culturally, George Bush High School is known to be diverse in its student population.

“In world history class with Ms. Raeke, since we talked about a bunch of cultures in the world, she had a lot of stories she’d share with us and it felt like we had a lot of the world’s cultures in that class,” senior, Jada Nguyen, said.

Many members of the student body feel they can identify their cultural background in their peers more often than they would somewhere else. Teachers help support students in after school activities and organizations to express themselves through what they do.

“You see people from a lot of ethnic backgrounds and places in the world who immigrate sometimes and are like— fresh from another country. I think it adds a lot of perspective to our student body,” Nguyen said.

There are students, however, that believe the school isn’t as diverse as it seems.

“I feel like certain cultures over-shadow others with how often you see it being sorta expressed, but it’s accepting,” senior, Louis Tran, said. “I don’t really show my own culture at school either. I talk about it, but nothing is really expressed.”

The student council, along with other clubs created by staff and students, are often hosting events that are expressive. A recent event being the Lunar New Year.

“I see a lot of Vietnamese students participating and it makes me feel appreciative,” Nguyen said.

Mr. Blome’s art class is a place often said to be culturally accepting.

“No matter what, all of us have an understanding and respect each other’s cultures,” senior, Amber Crabtree said.

By T.C.