Victory for The President’s Own at the Dekaney High School Drill Meet!

On Saturday January 18, The President’s Own competed at the annual Dekaney High School Drill Meet. This was the first drill meet of the 2020 year and also the second to last competition before the unit competes at State. As State comes closer and closer, the unit does everything in their power to get in the right mindset.

The unit performed to the best of their ability and were able to win first place overall. They won first place in the Physical Training portion of the competition and were also able to place first in categories such as Drill and Color Guard. Despite their performance, the unit is still hungry for more and are striving for improvement every chance they get.

For some of the cadets, their competition season is slowly coming to an end and it has been hitting some sooner than others.

“It wasn’t until Master Sergeant mentioned it where I realized that this upcoming competition at Tomball will be the senior’s last regular competition. It’s just shocking because of how long we’ve been doing this. That’s why we’re all planning on giving our absolute all in the next competition and most definitely at state,” Osvaldo Gonzalez said.

With all of this in mind, the cadets are eager for what lies ahead of them and are putting in every single bit of effort they can.

By G.R.