A Day With The Rockets


On Wednesday, January 22 , Avid Club went on its annual trip to the Toyota Center for the Rockets vs Nuggets game. They left for the game around 11 a.m. and didn’t get back to the school until 10 p.m. The Rockets game was a gathering for all AVID organizations from different schools city wide. There were at least 20 other schools there. AVID club was privileged to watch an informational video about the Toyota Center and all the jobs done to keep it running. Every student from each school had the opportunity to shoot a free throw on the court.

This was the first Rockets game for some students in AVID club.

“I’ve never been to a professional sports game before, but going to a see a live NBA  game meant so much to me,” said Muhammed Olaniyin.

Many memories were made at this game.

“My favorite memory was being able to watch my favorite NBA player, Russell Westbrook get a triple double,” said Olaniyin.

A lot of students made new friends at the Rockets game.

“I met other high school students at the game. It felt good being able to interact with students from different schools around Houston,” said Olaniyin.

The trip to the Rockets game was a very fun experience for AVID club. They were able to meet new people, but also see how the Toyota Center is functioned.