Boys Sophomore Basketball

The boys sophomore basketball team went up against Clements High School. The boys basketball team started off with a hot start, and they were rolling the whole game the whole game. The Broncos were dominating the Rangers by the end of the first quarter with a 20 points lead. They came out of the second quarter steam rolling at halftime with at 30 point lead. The Broncos just keep dominating the whole game, and didn’t let up the whole game.  They were on a roll and never gave up. The final score of the game was 74-50. The Boys sophomore basketball team improved their record to 5-4.

”We stuck together and never let up, and I love my team for that,” Brandon Chambers said.

Alan Baccera, the starting shooting guard on the team, felt the the team was accomplished throughout the game.

”We left all out of the court tonight, and it was good team win,” Baccera said.

Sebastian McIntosh, the starting point guard, felt that the team can keep winning and improve in the future.

”The team likes the way we are playing right now; if we continue doing what we doing we will be winning,” McIntosh said.

Marquis Mariett, the starting small forward, felt that the team worked hard and deserved the win.

”We worked extra hard and prep for this game, and it all paid out,” Mariett said.