Valentine’s Day at George Bush High School

In the month of February, there is one specific day that stands out above the rest. A day that is the reason for the month’s association with hearts, the color red, and an infinite number of roses. A holiday that many are familiar with and goes by the name of Valentine’s Day. At George Bush High School, this day can mean more to some than others, but for many there seems to be a unanimous opinion on this cupid-filled holiday.

While there are many who desire love and romance, it seems that this day, a day that has a central theme of love and romance, is somewhat lacking in the Bush community.

“Valentine’s Day at George Bush High School isn’t really your standard ‘love is in the air’ day. It feels like it’s just a regular school day to me,” sophomore Joshua Williams said.

Naturally the school isn’t silent on this particular day with it’s annual carnations, but it isn’t an extraordinarily festive Valentine’s Day either.

“Besides the carnations they do every year, no one really puts decorations or anything,” senior Paulina Carranza said.

With a day like Valentines, it’s not unusual for it to feel repetitive, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Granted it’s a once a year event that encourages you to spread love and affection more than you would on any other day.

“To me, it has stayed the same and might always stay like that even with a slight change or a big change. Regardless, I still enjoy the day and it’s meaning,” Williams said.

Despite a lack of atmosphere or opinion, the day still holds meaning to the student’s of Bush High School and many feel encouraged to spread the values on this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

By G.R.