Boys Sophomore Basketball

The Boys Sophomore basketball team faced up against the Travis Tigers. The Broncos started the game with much confidence and had a lot of momentum the whole 1st quarter. When the second quarter began, the Broncos gave up 8 straight points to the Tigers and the score was close. The game was close until midway of the third quarter. Then the tables turned and the Broncos were down by 6 points. In the fourth quarter, the Broncos weren’t feeling it and let the game slip away from them. They were defeated by the Tigers.

“We fought hard but we couldn’t get the job done,”Brandon Chambers said.

Marquis Marriet commented on how the team fought hard.

“It was neck and neck the whole the game, but Travis were a better team in the end,” Marriet said

Alan Baccera speculated on how the Broncos are going to handle the tough loss.

“We just gonna keep our heads up and finish out the rest of the season,” Baccera said.