Staff vs. Students Basketball Game

Thursday, February 13, during 7th period, the annual staff vs. student pep rally took place.  Like every year, the student team was made up of mostly football players that are seniors.  Players included Cameron McMillan, Matthew Andrews, Jalen Weatherspoon, Kasim Withers, Mike Abedeye, Alan Tingle, and Jadden McConnel.  Although the opposing team should be called “staff”, the administration went and did some recruiting because they knew they would be losing without it.  So instead of a student vs. staff game, we had an old school vs. new school game.  The staff went and recruited Bush alumni Remy Minor, Ronald Monroe, and Donald Monroe.  Of course, these three guys were the stars of the team and they didn’t even get subbed out.  The staff had no choice but to go and recruit so that they could come out on top because they know if they would have played fair and square they would have lost the game tragically.

During the halftime show, hand-picked staff were paired with students and they battled in a tiktok face off.  Each staff member had to rehearse their tiktok with their assigned student and perform in front of the pep rally crowd.  With each pair showing off their new moves and bringing the crowd energy, only one could come out on top.  And of course your tiktok battle winner was, Ms. Miller!

By C.M.