Mrs. Shows

Mrs. Shows has been teaching high school for 6 years. She has taught math at George Bush High School throughout those 6 years. There are multiple reasons why she enjoys teaching.

“I like to be able to make an impact on students,” Mrs. Shows said.

Mrs. Shows was born here in Houston. She was raised in Katy Texas.  Born in Katy Memorial Herman which is no longer there.

“I have one younger sister that’s 25,”  Mrs. Shows said.

She loves bright and vibrant colors, but has a particular favorite. Even her whole classroom is painted her favorite color.

“My favorite color teal/turquoise,” Mrs. Shows said.

She chose to go to school to become a teacher, pursued it and made it. Also, she was Ms. Lanham before she got married, and she became Mrs. Shows 7 months ago.

By M.B.