Not A Drill

During second period on February 28, the fire alarm was set off without good reason. The alarm is only to be pulled in emergencies or other, but there are times when students will pull and mess with the alarm for jokes. This is dangerous for many reasons including false panic and mass confusion. There are documented cases where shooters will pull the alarm to get everyone out of a building as well. Pulling the alarm without a proper cause is hazardous and should be dealt with.

“It’s childish and irresponsible when people pull the alarm,” senior, Mallerly Zarate said. “They aren’t thinking it through when they do it and don’t know the level of chaos they cause. Someone may get hurt during it, too.”

Alarms are pulled without good reason far too often and it negatively impacts the school environment.

“I think they should receive some form of punishment because it disturbs classes, and on a personal level even, when you do that you create a potential for panic and people get hurt,” school librarian, Mrs. Ellis, said. “I don’t know what the consequence for that is, but if they find the student they should punish them.”

When teachers and students are unaware of drills, false information may be spread. This causes confusion and is normally when people get hurt because of the panic that follows.

“I was in the library reading my book peacefully when the alarm went off,” Zarate said. “It was sudden and none of us expected it.”

In the future, the school should pay more attention to what students in the hallways are doing to make sure they aren’t going to put the student body at risk. Watching the cameras better or simply having the school officers check alarms once or twice may help prevent future incidents.