The President’s Own Competes at the Area 10 State Drill Meet

On the 28th and 29th of February 2020, the President’s Own from George Bush High School competed at the Area 10 State Championship Drill Meet and placed 5th in the state of Texas. For this drill meet, the top three schools are awarded with a trophy and are selected to compete at Navy Nationals in Pensacola, Florida. The unit performed to the absolute best of their ability, but despite their efforts they were unable to place in the top three.

On the first day of the drill meet, Friday the 28th, the unit competed in both the Physical Training and Academic categories. They did an exceptional job in the push-up, curl-up, and 100 meter relay portion of the competition. For male push-ups, they had three students that placed fifth, third, and first in the state of Texas. Cadet Dami Ladipo placed fifth with 85 push-ups, Cadet Gene Rodil placed third with 95 push-ups, and Cadet Huy Lam placed first with 106 push-ups. For female push-ups, they had two cadets place in the state of Texas. Cadet Khairat Alabi placed fifth with 41 push-ups and Cadet Brenda Cervantes placed third with 44 push-ups. For male sit-ups, they had two cadets place in the state of Texas. Cadet Joseph placed fifth with 238 sit-ups and Cadet Pham placed fourth with 251 sit-ups. For female sit-ups, they had one cadet place. Cadet Cardenas placed third with 248 sit-ups.

The cadets of the unit gave it their all in every single category of the competition, but it was during the second day of the drill meet, the drill portion, where the Cadets were faced with uncertainty. Many Cadets had to overcome their fears but for some it was more difficult than others. It was because of this obstacle that the team wasn’t able to perform to their full potential.

“I feel like we had the potential to get better results,” Cadet Dami Ladipo, senior, said. “It all came down to mistakes we don’t normally make mainly because of nervousness.”

“Honestly I feel like the team overall did really good, in the end it came down to the points and sadly the nerves got to us,” Cadet Paulina Carranza, senior, said.

Although these weren’t the results the team wanted, the unit has managed to keep their head high and is now more motivated than ever for the following years to come.

“Regardless of the results, I felt proud of my team because I knew we did what we could and we put our best out there. Obviously we made mistakes and a lot of the people were nervous but I just hope this drives them to do better next year and get the results they deserve,” Cadet Aileen Benitez, senior, said.

Despite the results, the unit still holds much pride for the team, their school, and themselves.

“I’m proud of all the staff members and cadets with all the hours we put in, we deserve a better ending,” Cadet Fatemah Hamza, sophomore, said.

Above all, there were many that saw this as an experience they’ve enjoyed and are going to learn from.

“It was a great experience,” Cadet Jennifer Palacios, sophomore, said. “We practiced but not enough to where we were confident and not hesitant. We are so capable of a lot of things. Everyone I saw compete tried their very hardest and I’m glad they did. Everyone on the team deserves the very best and honestly without them I wouldn’t be the person I am right now”.

By G.R.