Desire, Aspire, Inspire


Ricardo Bates, also known as Mr. Bates,  was born in Prattville, Alabama. Prattville is a  small city where everyone knows each other. Prattville’s foundation is built on a strong and loving bond. Mr. Bates is an assistant principal at George Bush High school. Before he pursued his career as a principal he was an English teacher. Mr. Bates has accomplished several things since he started working at Bush High School, but there’s one accomplishment that really stands out.

“The biggest thing was just being able to wake up everyday and to be in a position where you can empower others, whether it’s the staff or the students. I think the biggest accomplishment for any profession is being able to help others,” said Mr. Bates.

There are several unique things not known about Mr. Bates.

Mr. Bates played defensive back at Prattville High School. He helped lead his team to a 15-0 run and won the state championship. After high school he went to the University of Houston on a football scholarship. Though it felt good going to college for free, there were hardships moving  from a small city to one of the most populated cities in the United States.

“Initially it was completely overwhelming from the standpoint of Prattville being a small town where everybody knows each other, to getting off a plane and seeing all these big buildings and space. The biggest thing when I got to college was getting with a group of friends that were also many miles away from their hometown. Getting with those people who shared the same similarities and forming a brotherhood helped with the homesickness,” said Mr. Bates.

Mr. Bates is not an ordinary principal, outside of school he is a passionate writer and film maker.

“I don’t think that writing and film making is my passion, my passion is trying to make an impact using by God given abilities. I first fell in love with film when I saw Remember the Titans. I was 10 or 11 and I remember looking at it and just watching it differently. I thought it was really cool, the way it transitioned, and had a cool plot. At that age, I really didn’t understand film terminology, but the love for film was born,” said Mr. Bates.

He has achieved many things in his field of work, but is not yet where he wants to be. He will continue to strive and aspire for as long as he can.

“I don’t think I’ve reached my greatest achievement just yet. I feel like it’s great if I’m satisfied with what I’ve created and then the people receive well. It was humbling when one of my first projects was entered into a film festival, and premiered in my hometown, but as long as I put out content that I’m satisfied with, it makes an impact on me,” said Mr. Bates.

Mr. Bates is now the producer of two films and is working on his third project. In his hometown Prattville, he is known as the “hometown hero” by making such a great impact on not only the youth, but everyone. Mr. Bates is not just a writer and film maker, he is a mentor. He has taken the youth under his wing to mentor them to reach for the stars and strive for greatness. This is only the beginning of his story, everyday a new page is being written.