Students in Corona Custody

After school let out for Spring Break Friday, March 6, students carried on as usual not really aware of the pandemic COVID-19. Now with the remainder of school cancelled, students hadn’t thought the virus could have such a drastic effect on their time at George Bush High School. 

“I didn’t expect for that Friday before Spring Break to be the last day I would see all of my friends. Especially my senior friends. There’s a possibility I won’t see them again,” junior Christian Hernandez said. 

With the end of the year approaching and a more difficult transition here, seniors are nervous about how much different their first year at university will turn out. Underclassmen worry they won’t be prepared for the curriculum of the fall semester with the stress of online learning.

“Online school is definitely way more stressful than regular school because we don’t have our teachers there to instruct us. And yes, there are a lot of times for us to ask them questions, but once time is up, it’s hard to get in contact with them,” senior Haja Dumbuya said.

As they work to better online learning, Fort Bend ISD continues to take cautious steps towards student safety.

“I applaud them for doing the lunch thing for families in need and making sure students have access to the internet and devices,” Hernandez said.

The remainder of not only the school year, but the year as a whole, continue to be debated as the uncertainties rise.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the next school year started online for the underclassmen,” senior Louis Tran said.

The pandemic’s growth and the school year’s sudden end has left many of the seniors with regrets, but the underclassmen hope for a better year.

By T.C.