COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine


This pandemic has changed  all of our lives drastically by being in quarantine in the house for months with no school, work, and places to travel. The coronavirus has reached a high peak in the US, which makes it harder for the virus to go down.

Mark Wanyama misses going to places with his friends.

“During this quarantine I feel upset because I miss hanging out with my friends and going to places that I had fun going to,” Wanyama said.

Wanyama also has picked an old hobby that he enjoyed doing.

“I’ve been picking up drawing again, it’s been a while that I’ve drawn. Sitting in this pandemic has brought it back up when there’s nothing to do,” Wanyama said.

Wanyama has been currently wanting to hang with his friends.

“I miss going out with friends, but with my family not really because I get to see them everyday,” Wanyama said.

In this pandemic Wanyama believes that this virus will go on for more time.

“I believe there will be more time before the virus the goes down due to how strong it is,” Wanyama said.

Since schools are closed for the year, Wanyama doesn’t miss it.

“I don’t really miss school that much other than not seeing my friends there,” Wanyama said.

As all of us, many people haven’t been listening to the news and still go out.  Wanyama he feels angry that people are risking it for others such as elderly.

By S.A.