Theatre Productions Preparation for UIL

Bush High School has one of the best theatre programs in the state of Texas. Bush has always been a school with great actors. Not only does Bush have great actors, but an awesome Theatre teacher and director, Ms. Destyne Miller. Several people that have attended Bush has either made a professional career from acting or attending a university majoring in theatre. As the spring semester has started Bush theatre production has started preparing for UIL. UIL is where several different organizations compete at with other different schools. With the reputation Bush has for theatre, this year should be a breeze for them.

The theatre program has started taking steps to prepare for this years contest season.

“We are trying to keep things as normal as possible while preparing for UIL. Its not about the contest, but more about the process. So making sure we don’t miss the important part in excitement of getting back on stage,” Ms. Miller said.

This UIL season will be very unusual and different because of COVID- 19.

“This year will be completely different as far as the contest is concerned. We are required to be masked, there will be no audience, and the awards show will be virtual,” Ms. Miller said.

Preparing for UIL is not just a physical thing, but they must be prepared mentally.

“We are remaining hopeful but being realistic. Last year our season ended short and we had no heads up and it felt like our hearts are being ripped out of our chests. We still haven’t really gotten over it. But this year we know what the possibilities are so we prepare for every outcome,” Ms. Miller said.

Now matter how this years UIL will be, all Bush theatre can do is be confident that they will come out on top.

“Well good is subjective. What one person believes is good another person could feel differently. But I am confident that we will do what we have done every year. Which is being well prepared and tell the best, most truthful story possible,” Ms. Miller said.

As UIL is rapidly approaching Bush Theatre Production is taking the precautions to be well prepared.

By E.O.