Four Years Coming to an End

David Contreas is a four year student at George Bush High School. He attended Mission Bend Elementary, Hodges Bend, then made his way to Bush. Since he’s been attending Bush, David has been involved in several clubs and organizations such as Baseball, Band, Avid Club, Junior Achievement, National Society of High School Scholars, and Student Council.

David has made many memories since he’s been attending Bush High School, but there’s one that really stood out to him.

“My favorite memory will always be with the band organization. From the practicing, to performing at games, concerts and UIL, it’s always been memorable. Being able to meet and socialize with new people has helped me become an outgoing person. I joined band my junior year, but it feels like its been forever. The band organization will always be my family,” David said.

Being in several clubs and organizations can be very helpful and beneficial in the long run.

“Being in all of these clubs and organizations can be very overwhelming and stressful, but I know it would pay off. I’ve learned how to manage my time wisely and take care of my priorities. Being apart of  these clubs and organizations has taught me responsibility and accountability, it has also helped me build up character. Being involved in high school clubs also  looks good on college applications,” David said.

High School is known to be the best four years of your lives, and anyone would be privileged to relive it.

“A moment I’d want to relive is my freshman year. My freshman year was the best year for me because everything was so easy. I took my freshman year very seriously because I knew that freshman year was the most important year of high school. One thing I really miss is the basketball team. The sports program my freshman year we’re really good. I remember going to the basketball games and watching people like PJ Byrd hype up the crowd with his skills,” David said.

With this being his last year at Bush, David has been taking the steps to prepare for college.

“I have been applying for colleges since the beginning of my senior year. I applied for FASFA back in November. My dream school is to attend the University Of Texas at San Antonio and major in Civil Engineering. I feel like I am on the right path to being successful for the next four years of my life,” David said.

As the year is coming to an end, David is having to come to the conclusion that he will soon be a college student. David is entering the next chapter of being an adult in the real world, and college will help him prepare for that. “Once a Bronco, always a Bronco.”