Bush vs. Austin Varsity Volleyball Game 10/21/21


Last Friday, October 15,2021, the Lady Bronco’s played against the Lady Bulldogs. 

The Lady Broncos volleyball team competed against Stephen F. Austin High school at George Bush High school. Unfortunately, they lost against Austin the Bulldogs with a number of 3 sets lost, and one won. 

“Honestly, I feel like our season could be better in comparison to last season. We improved a lot on minor things that really made big changes in our game,” Chelsea Anuna said. 

Anuna feels that although they aren’t  in a position they would like to be in, they are still doing better. 

“The season is going alright; it could be way better. We are doing way better than last year though,” Favor Okon said. Similarly to Anuna, Okon agrees that although their season is not going well, they have made progress in comparison to last season. 

We obviously aren’t going as far as we would have liked to gone, but seeing everything we worked so hard to get is really amazing. I just felt that these are our last few games, so let’s go out swinging and giving it our all,” Caitlyn Brister said. 

“I think the team’s dynamic is definitely there, no team is perfect. I still think we have work to do,” Chelsea Anuna said. 

Their goal is just to make progress, on the court and as a team. 

“Seeing the things we do in practice actually execute on the court and our team not giving up and fighting through adversity was the best thing about tonight,” Caitlyn Brister said. 

 The work they are putting in during practice is paying off.

“The best part of the game was when I got set a quick and hit the opponent in the face. We were all really excited and found it funny– she was okay,” Chelsea Anuna said.

This is a moment and now memory the team shared with each other during the night.

By G.M.