Extra seats in the Commons

The school administration removed the extra seats in the Commons on September 9, 2021. These sofas and chairs formed a lounge area for students during lunch.

The school administration took away the chairs and sofas as a consequence. Some students, however, were confused about why they were removed and some began to wonder why it happened.

”I can see why they took it. Many people would group up around the chairs and block lots of people from leaving,” Yared said.

Although some see it as a shame not to have the extra chairs.

“I think that they do not trust us as students to have basic privileges and its pretty sad,” Olisa said.

Many people have valid claims of why we need them.

“I think that having the chairs would give the school a more homey type of feeling making people more comfortable,” Yasmeen said.

Some say that it was maybe a slight distraction for students though.

”A lot of kids would just sit there and not go to class, so they maybe did it because of the distractions it caused for kids, so they took it away for kids
to go to class,” Sarai said.

Though some don’t see the point in what the school did.

“I think they are taking it too seriously thinking that a couple chairs can is such a bad thing, distraction, “Anderson said.

Administrator Mr. Jones had to say when asked why the chairs in the cafeteria were moved.

“We did it because kids are not acting right:  kids fighting, leaving lunch trays at the cafeteria, and not acting sensibly,” Mr. Jones said.

Students can get the chairs back.

“Without a doubt, if y’all as a body can start acting right,” Mr. Jones said.

By X.O.