Serving the Tennis Season Farewell

As of September 2021, the George Bush High School tennis season is over, leaving lots of room for individual and team reflection for their future seasons.

With the fall season over, the tennis team has plenty of time to reflect on themselves and the overall team. Although they did not have the turnout that they anticipated, they have an off-season to improve and set goals.

“This year’s fall season was a real eye-opener in my opinion,” boys varsity player, Thai Pham said.

From the girl’s team, other players felt the same way, even experiencing injuries.

“This fall season this year was a roller coaster for me because I had been injured twice and I had to miss out on almost two months’ worth of practice time,” girls varsity player, Ngoc Lam said.

With a few months to prepare for the spring season, many players now have time to reflect.

“It showed me how much I really needed to improve my fundamentals, but also how much I need to rely on my teammates,” Thai Pham said.

Winning tournaments is also a goal for some, seeing as last year, George Bush’s varsity tennis team placed second in the Alief Tournament.

“My personal goal for the upcoming season is to win first place in the next few tournaments,” boys varsity player, Christian Luong said.

Other players set goals to work on their own individual skills.

“My goal for this upcoming season in the spring is to be more consistent with my shots and serves,”  Ngoc Lam said.

While setting goals is one objective, putting the work in to improve is another.

“Something I can do to improve myself and the team would be to do challenge matches. This would allow me to see where my skills are at compared to my teammates and to practice,” Thai Pham said.

Another method of improvement is observation.

“I can better myself and my team by reviewing our games and to self reflect,” Christian Luong said.

Regardless of which approach the tennis team takes, self-reflection and practice is key for success. There is no doubt that each player will come back stronger in the spring than this fall season.

By J.A.