Nigerian Independence Day


On October 1st, 2021, Nigerian independence was celebrated at George Bush High School. Nigerian Independence Day is an official holiday celebrated on October 1st. It marks Nigeria’s proclamation of independence from the British rule. This day was important to be celebrated because of the Nigerian cultured shared at Bush, and also because of the high population of Nigerian students at Bush.

As a Nigerian, there are a lot of good things that come with.

“My favorite things about being Nigerian is the culture. Nigerians has a variety of culture such as Igbo and Yoruba’s. The traditional wear and how unified we look during traditional weddings; parties is top tier. The music industry gives us a feeling in your feet to move,” Favour Okezie said.

Celebrating different cultures at school is an important thing, because you’re sharing your culture with others.

“It’s important for the school to celebrate Nigerian Independence Day because it reminds students of the history of colonization and educates individuals on the pride of being freed,” Miracle Ezekachi said.

Majority of the school engaged and participated in Nigerian Independence Day by wearing their traditional attire or by wearing green. African Student Association even had their first performance that day, to show people how dances in the Nigerian culture look like.

“My favorite moment from Nigerian Independence Day was coming into the building and seeing how everyone went into the culture and dressed out. During lunch and how there was flash mob, you see everyone dancing and showing out,” Lechar Joseph said.

To a lot of students it’s nice to know that they are attending a school with a lot of other Nigerian students.

“It makes me feel at home at my own school. I’m happy that I can be open with heritage. With a great population of Nigerians, I can relate with a lot of other people. I also can relate with a lot of people,” Xavier Odili.

Many students can confidently say that they are a proud Nigerian.

“I would definitely say I’m a proud Nigerian and how I show it is by the name I go by, which is Oga Mike. That is a name that I gave myself and that other people gave me. Oga means boss or a name of respect when people call you that. That’s Nigeria right there, and I’m proud! I’m proud to be Nigerian. Nigeria has its faults, but hopefully when we are grown, we can help make Nigeria a better place,” Michael Ofoegbu said.

Celebrating all cultures is an important thing that all schools should do, because they would be contributing to sharing information about several different cultures, and would also help students feel closer to home.

By E.O.