George Bush High School is known to produce stars. Currently, Favour Okezie, a senior at George Bush High School, is the yearbook editor in chief, and is known for her wonderful photography. She gives us insight on her journey and life as editor in chief.

Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, Favour Okezie has been known to be the editor in chief at George Bush High School. She has earned major recognition and credit from the staff and her peers.   

“My responsibilities as editor in chief include publishing the yearbook with the help of a strong staff. Additionally, I teach and help new staff members, direct others, and assign tasks when given,” Favour said. 

Favour’s responsibilities include keeping her team on task at all times. 

 “I learned my skill from watching YouTube videos and watching other photographers,” Favour said.

Ms. Okezie learned from watching others and following their footsteps. 

“Being editor in chief impacted me by teaching me how to branch out and lead others,” said Favour.

Having the position as editor in chief led Favour to build her leadership skills.  

“I inspire my peers that are on the yearbook committee with me by reminding them every day that we are a team and work together to get everything done,” Favour said.

Favour’s legacy includes the importance of teamwork. 

“My future goals include becoming serious with my photography business and pursuing my dream as being a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner,” Okezie said.

Ms. Okezie plans to keep the art of photography in her long-term future.  

By G.M.