One More Step!

Just one more semester left until the teenager’s “freedom” becomes a reality; until life comes and motion and you get the satisfactory ecstasy of finally getting out of your parents house for the first time and gaining your freedom. Although one semester can teach you all the lessons you need to know about what you want to do with your life. Greatly already considering that you are a senior that is going on ahead with their life, with a thinning number of days left in high school, college applications are all you need do for your dreams to come into fruition. 

Seniors are nearing college and it is time to get the applications on the start of the new life and career that they want. Ms. Kinney and other students give insight into what will be happening and insight into what your future shall come down to if you stay focused. Your future is at stake so if you don’t focus now you will regret it later.

 “I applied very early around October to be ahead of the other exceptional students and to make myself look like I really wanted to attend their school,” Temi said. 

 Many students are on the same page of applying early, so colleges see that they are highly motivated and passionate about attending school. 

 “Yes I do think that early application is important. They will get to you first and see that you want to go to go to their school,” Brian said. 

 Though early applications are important, there are other factors that you need to look presentable to a college. 

 “I’ve put in community service hours, clubs, sports, and other activities to make myself look presentable for the top colleges,” Bryan said.  

 There are multiple factors on how an application is looked at by college administrators, but many would argue on which factor is the most important. 

 “The most important piece of an application to me is obviously your GPA and SAT scores, because at the end of the day that is what they mostly care about,” Matthew said. 

Class of 2022 has come a long way and we still have much to do, but as long as we keep pushing through like we have done for the past 3 years we can secure a wonderful future for every last graduate that will walk the stage and say “I did it.”

By X.O.