About John Wilkerson

Dr. John Wilkerson is the George Bush High School Bronco Band’s Director. Passionate about his career, he conducts and inspires students for great achievements during their high school years.

“I wanted to become a band director to get back to students like my band director did to me,” Dr.Wilkerson said.

Dr. Wilkerson knows what it’s like to be in Marching Band; he played the Tuba.

“I was in marching band in High school, and I played football. So, I marched at half time in a football uniform and I played the tuba,” Dr. wilkerson said.

For Dr. Wilkerson, marching band transmits the value of the school learning program, each program has the same educational values.

“The value of marching band is, it’s the most public display of what we do in the classroom because of the football games and Saturday competitions. However, I value Concert Band, Winter Guard and Jazz band as much as I value Marching Band. Were equal value system program,” Dr. Wilkerson said.

He also explained the challenges that comes with being a band director.

“During marching season, the long hours, being away from my family because I’m up here doing Marching Band, fundraising can be challenging at times, different things,” Dr. Wilkerson said.

Dr. Wilkerson has many years of experience, but he didn’t always want to be a band director

“This is my twenty fourth year as a head band director and my twenty seventh year overall.

In high school at one point, I wanted to be a fireman and a police officer,” Dr. Wilkerson said.

Dr. Wilkerson has a lot of goals and objectives he wants the band to achieve.

“The goals I want to achieve is to see the band go to state, marching festivals, to see the band reach honor band, to see our Winter Guard program advance, and watch all of our students grow,” Dr. Wilkerson said.

This year the band had a very successful season. With a lot of effort, they were able to achieve and accomplish their goals. During all these years of experience, Dr. Wilkerson has also made accomplishments of his own and seeing his students grow is the biggest achievement to him.

“The biggest achievement this year, we’re still having them. We had the most successful season that we’ve had in Marching Band here in many years. The band program made finals for the first time in school history, went to AREA for only the fifth time in school history and placed the highest its ever placed in AREA, those were the biggest achievements so far in Marching Band. As far as in my career, I’ve won two national championships, three states championships in the state of Florida and one state championship in the state of Arkansas. The overall biggest thing in my career is educating my students and seeing them grow,” Dr. Wilkerson said.

By T.L.