Back to Square One?

 Should students return to online school has been the big question through 2021 going on into 2022. With cases rising and variants popping like flies, the question has been introduced several times and who knows which direction it can lead to as our school year progresses further. When the concern of cases and kids come into play, people want to take measures that won’t risk the teacher’s life or the child’s life.                                                

Some think it can be very dangerous going to school with various kids not wearing mask and no mandate and not being worried about if we should go back to remote learning. 

 “I don’t think we should go back to online because I know I’m not going to pay attention and actually learn something instead of watching tv or being on my phone the entire time,” Shazad Syed said. 

Although the cases rises day by day, it doesn’t seem to bother many students. 

“I feel that the surge is something to worry about, but when is there not a surge, I just feel like many students don’t see a issue with having their mask off because they are young and the virus isn’t much of a danger to them,” Nicholas Gaona said.

Students go to school knowing that they won’t get infected because of their immune system so they just don’t care. 

“I wouldn’t really change much about what students would do in school because they probably wouldn’t listen anyway, but I would make more precautions to keep the teachers safe instead,” Jason Okeke said. 

On another hand, there are individuals that struggled a great deal because of Covid-19 and the sudden change in their learning pattern and habits. 

“In my perspective it highly ruined learning for me and the learning experience. I’m not gonna lie I did not pay attention and I was perfectly fine getting bad grades which isn’t like me to do or be in that mentality,” Femi Adekekye said.

Covid-19 has made a impact in the lives of millions of students and if we should return has been a growing spec on the minds of parents and students that care about their child’s safety. We are continuing to search for ways that peak a student learning and make a productive environment for students and teachers alike to get back on track.