Welcome Back!

Tranferring from online to in-person learning

As of fall 2021, the FBISD school district has mandated for students to return to in-person learning, something not been done since 2020.

With students returning to in-person in the 2021-2022 school year, students and teachers are placed in a position where they must rebuild their schedules and adjust their habits. This is something that affects George Bush’s campus differently, depending on the grade level.

“Stepping back on campus after a year and a half of not being here felt every uncanny, Despite the uneasy feeling of the unexpected this year brought I was also glad to be back. Seeing all my classmates who grew overnight and getting to interact in person really brought me joy,” student council Executive President, Vivian Agugo said.

On the other hand, students felt that their mental well-being was better after coming back in person.

“I feel better mentally. It helped me a lot coming back to face to face. I’m glad I get to be with a group of people so I can keep my mind distracted and stay busy,” junior and theatre student, Andres Gamboa said.

Although, students prefer in-person learning and enjoy being back on campus.

“I do like being back! School is my home away from home. Even though classes do stress me out my friends and peers make it fun,” sophomore, Kyra Tran said.

Though it’s been some time, many students feel that not much has changed.

“To me personally, it feels the same. Maybe a little different thing here and there, but nothing major. And obviously wearing masks is now a thing. Please wear masks!” Andres said.

Other students agree with Andres.

“I would definitely say the environment has really changed since we got back. With the new precautions and scares and masks on people’s faces, many are either super aware of their space or not at all,” Vivian said.

Despite the atmosphere not changing much, different grade levels have been impacted differently due to Covid-19.

With the pandemic cutting my high school experience in half and a soon-to-be graduate, I really wanted to make great high schools memories. I decided to take advantage of the many fun activities here at Bush. From football games to fun senior events, I’ve attended events to get the high school experience,” Vivian said.

As for sophomores, some felt a similar way.

“I came back the second-semester last year, and settling in was easy thanks to my friends. At first, missing out on my freshmen year bummed me out, but it slowly got better and I don’t think about it much now because it’s so long ago,” Kyra said.

Once returning back to in-person learning, students have learned their fair share of lessons whether personal or academic.

“I learned that it takes effort to keep relationships of any kind, so take initiative sometimes,” Kyra said.

Students also learned to enjoy every moment of their high school career.

“Make every moment count. Have some fun and enjoy your time in high school while you can before you go into the real world and prepare for college [if it applies to you],” Andres said.

Others learned lessons regarding their academics.

I learned how to prioritize my work before pleasure to ensure I succeed. Despite missing out from some fun events, I really got to focus on my work,” Vivian said.

With the second semester starting up, goals are being set in place.

“After being online, I want my grades to at least be A’s and B’s, if not all A’s. I can’t make excuses for my grades anymore,” Kyra said.

Some goals involved their extracurriculars.

“I want to be able to focus on myself and still manage to handle school. And to finish a great season with BTE,” Andres said.

Others were more personal.

My personal goal this year was self-improvement. With the pandemic keeping me inside like a hermit crab, I really had stunts in my personal growth in high school. I walked into this new semester wanting to be the best version of myself,” Vivian said.

With returning back to school and the new semester, it’s evident that students are putting their best foot forward in everything they do.

By J.A.