Look Mom, I’m a Track Star

“3…2…1… go!”, the referee shouts at the runners as they take their marks. Off goes Jedidiah Udunna, a star athlete at George Bush High School assisting his team while receiving yet another 1st place medal.  

Jedidiah Udunna, a three-sport athlete at George Bush High School, gives an inside scoop about the upcoming 2021-2022 track season.  

“Ever since discovering track in fourth grade, my family and I decided to incorporate it into my life. Since then, track became my main and favorite sport,” Jedidiah said.  

Jedidiah has incorporated track in his life for almost 12 years. The support from his family encouraged him to continue later in life. 

“As of right now, my performance is good, and I can only get better. I hope to accomplish this goal this season by working harder than ever to the best of my ability,” Jedidiah said. 

Jedidiah believes his performance is already good but has plans to make it even better.  

“Last year, our track season was cut off due to COVID-19, and it cost us a couple of meets, which we were not able to participate in,” Jedidiah said. 

Although the last season was interrupted, the team plans to bring bigger and better opportunities.  

“Track has affected my life because it helps me stay fit in my everyday life. For some, they view running as a punishment, but personally, it is an outlet,” Jedidiah said.  

Unlike most, Jedidiah views track as something fun rather than a punishment or consequence.  

“I have big hopes for this season, I feel we are all training to the best of our abilities and are all serious about reaching the ultimate goal.” 

Jedidiah has nothing but positivity for this upcoming season and is excited to step up and show out with his team.

By G.M.