Opposing Viewpoints: education

There’s a stigma in the world that you need an education to be successful. You can be successful in life without needing a degree as long as you put in the work. A person without a degree can be as successful as someone with one.

Going to school isn’t for everyone. Some people have bad attention spans and just can’t learn from siting in a desk all day. Everyone learns differently some people are visual learners, and some people are hands on learners. Everyone is not the same and should not have to learn the same. This generation is very resourceful. You can learn how to make money to sustain yourself from several different platforms like YouTube, tik tok, Instagram, etc. During the pandemic a lot of people got into investments and stocks from seeing tik toks about it. People Invested in GameStop and made thousands of dollars off of it. Anyone can be successful if you set a plan for yourself and work hard to accomplish your plan. There’s no limit what you can achieve when you work hard. If you’re already in a job and it’s not boosting your career, why do it if you genuinely don’t have a passion for it?

You can be successful without going to school to get a degree. Everyone should do what’s best for them. If that’s to go to college, then attend  college. If it’s to become an entrepreneur after high school, then do that. Each is their own. Other people may believe that getting a degree is necessary to being successful.

Certain jobs will not hire you unless you obtained a degree. Let’s say if you want to become a doctor, you will need a degree and years of school to become one. Certain people enjoy going to school and being able to learn something new. Everyone is different; some people use what they learn in school and use it in their everyday lives. Most of the successful people you see these days like CEO’S, engineers, and doctors have gotten a degree to be where they are at right now in life. Having that degree will you allow you to have more opportunities to be successful.

By E.O.