Bush Theatrical Ensemble UIL Preparation

George Bush High School theatrical ensemble are preparing for this years UIL contest season. They have been practicing everyday  since the beginning of February.  The reason they are doing this is so they could have the opportunity to make it to state competition. They are under the direction of Destine Miller and Kevin Holden.

“This year of UIL is a bit different because last year I was picked for ensemble work which is different from being a lead actor this year. Lead actors allows you to go more in depth into acting and character building, rather than ensemble work which is a lot more body work and setting the mood for each scene. This year allowed me to have more artistic freedom,” Sebastian Lindo said.

The process of preparing for UIL can be very stressful because of the numerous amounts of practices every week. They practice six days a week for several hours.

“In preparation for UIL we have countless rehearsals every day except from Sunday. Usually from 4pm-6pm and 10am-4pm.  Personally, as a lead role I prepare just by reading my script and going over It countless times. Also, by working the emotions the character feels throughout the scenes and themselves. Also, by developing the physicality and putting the story behind the character,” Noel Obi said.

To prepare in the best way BTE must work together as a team to make sure everyone is doing their roles and responsibilities.

“As being a member of Bush Theatrical Ensemble our main goal is to tell a story and that’s what I really enjoy about being apart of BTE. As an ensemble we collectively have this goal to strive and reach that goal to tell a story, and that’s what makes it so magical,” Ariana Saco said.

One thing be about BTE is that they travel to many clinics and different rounds of competition and receive feedback. They are implying things they learned last year into this years competition.

“Something that I learned last year that I’m using this year during UIL is that our tech director Holden told us to over cue our scripts which means do more than what you will need. So I always designed way more than I needed to so I could cut back depending on if there’s cuts in the script. Having more than what you will need is always better,” Jena Hamadeh said.

BTE has even recruited some new members for this UIL season.

“This is my first year doing theatre, and it’s been really good. It’s like a family and I’m glad to learn all these new things. Ms. Miller and Mr. Holden have been great especially with teaching me how to work the soundboard. And looking forward to what have in store and making it to state,”  Jedidiah Udunna said.

With the effort of working hard everyday BTE will certainly make it far this season.

By E.O.