Black History Month at GBHS

Starting February 22nd, 2022, George Bush High School will be having its Black History Month spirit week.

From February 22nd to the 25th, students will participate in a week of spirit days to showcase the importance of Black History Month. However, some of the spirit days are surrounded by some controversy.

“I feel like Bush didn’t handle the spirit week in the best way, and more appropriate days should have been considered,” Gelila Mesfin, junior and MPA officer, said.

Some of the spirit days selected and chosen for the week of February 22nd through the 25th were considered controversial.

“While black students had input on the spirit days, it was clear that the days were chosen without the rest of the student body’s opinion into account,” Annabelle Arrey, theatre student, said.

Despite this, there were some aspects that students looked forward to during the Black History Spirit Week.

“I am looking forward to cultural wear day,” Annabelle said.

Aside from the controversy, Black History Month is still important to various students.

“I am grateful for Black History Month because it makes me grateful for different cultures appreciating black culture rather than appropriating and belittling it,” Gelila said.

Other students felt a similar way to Gelila.

To me, Black History Month is a celebration of black culture and a time to recognize how impactful and influential black people are and have been,” Annabelle said.

Despite the controversy of spirit week, Black History Month is important. As for Bush, this can be an opportunity to grow from their mistakes.

By J.A.