Gas Guzzling

Gas prices are rising day by day and are suspected to be four dollars by April. High school students that drive and pay for their own gas will most likely be hit hard by these prices. With not as much income as others they will struggle with saving their money as they pay 30 dollars for gas every gas station trip. As people who struggle with keeping up with school, a job, and other activities it can get very hard to juggle them all and not be overwhelmed without giving up one. 

 “They have affected me because I have to think more about what I want to spend my money on and worrying more about my gas usage,” Olisa Ndukwe said.

 People are also enabling methods to manage the rising prices of gas. 

 “I’ve stopped driving fast. I used to drive pretty fast and just not care because it was only twenty to refill my tank, but now I have to be more conservative about it,” Ethan Contrares said.

 While there are situations where people know that it is out of our control at this point in time. 

 “I don’t think anything can be done at this point the crisis going on out of the U.S. is out of our control now,” Gabriel Ortiz said.

 While there are also other people who reminisce about how there were taking advantage of the low prices they used to have. 

 “I think that its crazy that its gotten this high and it makes me think of how much I was taking advantage of 2 dollars a gallon,” Devansh Pandeya said.

By X.O.