Golf at Bush

In the past, the George Bush High School golf team has been silently successful. This season, they are loud and proud about their achievements and team dynamic. 

During this 2021-2022 school year, the GBHS golf team presents us with insight on their successes, goals, and dynamics.  

“I feel like this upcoming season is about to be successful and we are all excited to see how it goes,” Ivan Bazuaye said. 

Bazuaye believes the upcoming season is going to go well. 

“We are all preparing for the new season by going to practice every chance we get right after school,” Bazuaye said. 

Bazuaye explains how the team and him practice for the upcoming season. 

“Personally, I feel excited for this upcoming season.  I can’t wait to get back on that field and hit amazing shots along with my teammates,” Brian Phan said.  

Phan feels excited for this upcoming season and is ready to get back on the field.  

“What intrigued me to join golf was my coach because he told me it would be fun,” Phan said.  

Phan’s coach inspired him to start getting into golf.  

“This season, we plan on expanding our team and will do so by explaining the game to others,” Phan said. 

The team plans on making their team bigger by explaining it to others who are interested.  

By G.M.