Saving Lives

One BloodDrive at a Time


For the first time in years, a blood drive will be taking place on Friday, March 25th, 2022, to donate blood for those who need it.

The Blood Drive was overwhelmingly successful, with all slots filled in, walk-ins included. The event was held in the school gymnasium from 7 am until 2 pm. Despite the age and weight requirement, students and staff showed out. Various volunteers were needed to help organize the event and assist in helping the donors walk back to class.

“I wanted to participate in the blood drive just because I wanted to do something to help others,” senior, Ayah Said said.

Other students felt a similar way and wanted to find out their blood type as well.

“I’m participating in the blood drive because I’ve always wanted to know my blood type,” junior, Brian Thai said.

Going into the blood drive and donating, students felt a variety of emotions.

“I was excited. This wasn’t my first time having my blood drawn, but it was my first time donating it and I thought the experience was cool. The machines looked cool too,” senior, Chukwukasi Uqwueze said.

Other students did not mind the experience and didn’t feel nervous or excited.

“I really did not care. I had no emotions while lying there,” Brian said.

Though the donors were the stars of the event, the volunteers were just as important.

“Not only did I want to donate, I wanted to be Involved in the process to see how it worked. Volunteers are as important as the people who are giving the blood because it wouldn’t be happening or running without them,” Ayah said.