Black Gavel

Ketanji Brown Jackson has a hearing for the supreme court justice to be the first African American woman to be a Supreme Court Justice. She has undergone her hearing and is currently receiving votes from members of the senate from both parties, but substantially more Democrats than Republicans. If she is elected she can make history and a imprint for the future African American woman and men across the world. 

It will be Ketanji Brown Jackson who this story is based on. It is on her having the chance to become a supreme court justice on march 28th 2022 . With interviews being held at all places,  History might be made and to document is a sign of respect for what she is doing.  

 “I would feel very motivated that a black women such as myself has made such a great achievement,” Temi Akindele said. 

 People are happy to see a black women excelling in Congress no matter if she gets the job or not. 

  “I think this is a big step in black history because I see it that if no one of that stature and race has done it then it is history no matter what. Even if the accomplishment wasn’t great,” Brian Egogu said. 

  She is the example of a black person working hard to rise through the ranks. 

“She is an inspiration because of her origin story from how she got to where she is right now,” Dwight Graham said. 

 Now there are people are giddy from the label that she can help them and black folks out. 

“I think some real good can be done for black people to get the justice we deserve and shed light in our situation,” Chris Adams said. 

Ms. Brown Jackson is a hard working and proud woman and the African American community is proud of all she has done to get this the point where she is today. She has shown that no matter what you want to be as long as you work hard and want it more than anyone else you can achieve it.

By X.O.