Choir Pre-UIL

This year, choir students had the opportunity to have a pre-UIL and feel great about it.
Fortunately, the George Bush High School choir was able to participate in pre-UIL in the 2021-2022 school year. For the most part, all eligible competitors felt good about the outcome.
“To prepare for pre-UIL, I practiced at home, listen to the music repeatedly, and attended all rehearsals,” Cardin Hoang said.
Cardin practiced in and out of school to prepare for UIL.
“I joined the choir in my freshman year because I found music to be an outlet,” Derrick Williams said.
Derrick enjoys participating in the choir because it is a place for him to freely express himself.
“I preformed well but wish I did better at sight reading,” Cardin said.
Personally, Cardin believes he did well, but just wishes he could improve on one certain area.
“We performed decently at pre-UIL. Overall, we received many 1’s, and a couple of 2’s,” Derrick said.
Derrick believes they preformed well and is satisfied with their overall scores.
“The only thing I wish I could change is the choir’s overall unity. I believe we need more bonding and time to practice together as a group rather than with our subsections and ourselves,” Derrick said.
Derrick wishes for his team to practice as a whole more so they can improve their dynamic.

by G.M.