The impact of technology in our generation

Over the past years, technology has improved in many ways it has helped us evolve as a society. People have different opinions on how technology has affected our generation and how it changed  way of thinking and perspectives of the world.

“We can now access schoolwork and communicate with people that are far from us, however it can be very distracting and make us distance ourselves from those close to us. Because of the amount of time we stay on our electronic devices,” Diana Velazquez said.

Technology affects the way people communicate, learn and think.

“Technology has been very helpful, especially during the pandemic, technology was a big help and became even more a part our lives. Technology is one of those things that you need to know how to use it, it can be harmful in many ways, especially with social media but it depends on how you use it,” Shelby Lidiak said.

Technology has its pros and cons, and teenagers have different opinions on how it affects us.

“Older generations have this stigma against technology; they disagree with our new ways of communications and self-expression in a wider scam. They stigmatize technology because we substituted it with going outside and many may use the argument that social media is dangerous, but nowadays, we’re in danger even if we stay outside,” Juliana Gamboa said.

“I believe that technology has impacted our generation in a bad way because, nowadays kids don’t go out to play, struggle with communicating in ways that they can’t talk to people in person but have no problems texting them through social media,” Melanie Torres said.

Many teenagers recognized that they are addicted to their electronic devices and that technology has impacted them negatively.

“Throughout the years we all became a little too dependent on our electronics, I have been forgetting to do my chores, getting distracted during class because of text messages and overusing social media platforms,” Diana Velazquez said.

“Technology has been a big help, nowadays we can do things without leaving the house because of technology. People need to learn how to monitor their time and not overuse technology, instead of complaining about being addicted while they do nothing to overcome how dependent they became,” Juliana Gamboa said.

By T.C.