Global Warming

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If you ever go outside, you’ll realize every day that the weather is way different than it was before. Weather changing is a natural thing to occur, but Global Warming is involved with that reason as well. Global warming is something that must be taken very serious and is currently on-going. Around the world there have been natural disasters and destruction taking place. Although Global warming is brought up once in a while, I thought it would be nice to remind everyone that global warming is not something that could be stopped in a blink of an eye. Since it can’t be stopped for sure, here are some ways to help slow it down, or prevent it from getting worse.

  1. The energy used to power our air condition or to cool our house is one of the causes for global warming. A solution could be to use less energy, open the doors when it’s fresh outside or use your windows to provide light.
  2. The automobiles we use to go from place to place cause pollution which is a huge factor to global warming. In order to prevent this you can take your bike or walk if the destination is nearby. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy doing those things you could also switch to low carbon fuel, or natural gas.
  3. Planting trees will not hurt anyone. Trees are beneficial to us because they take in carbon dioxide, which helps them, and convert it into oxygen, which we need. By planting a tree, you can help slow down global warming.
  4. The obvious solution is one that was taught at home or your elementary school, recycling. Reduce the waste in planet Earth because it could reduce your carbon footprint every time you decide to reuse something.

There are other ways to help slow it down because unfortunately global warming doesn’t completely go away. It’s always there we just have to contribute and help prevent it from speeding up or causing great damage. Earth day is on Saturday April 22, 2017 and that would be a perfect opportunity to take these solutions into consideration. Take care of your planet.

By M.O.

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