Is Senioritis real?

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Senioritis is this horrible condition that many people hear about. The question is, do people really experience it? Senioritis supposedly makes you lazy, easily irritated, have poor time management, and run from work at all cost.

Senior Christian Cruz shared plenty information about this condition. He said, “Senioritis is real. Everyone and anyone can catch this rare condition.”

When asked how it affected him, Cruz said, ” It has affected my life in multiple aspects. I was failing almost all my classes, and my will to go to school was declining. I even didn’t go to 1st period for a whole month.”

Christian even provided tips to avoid catching senioritis. He said, ” A way I recommend anyone to avoid it is to just keep your priorities straight! If not, it will be easy to just give up.”

This condition seems a lot more serious than it is let off to be.  All Broncos should prioritize and stay focused each and every school year.

By K.H.

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