Harvey, Oh Harvey!

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Beginning of September, Houstonians witnessed and suffered a terrible lost through a catastrophic event, Hurricane Harvey. It surely marked us for life in so many ways, even by taking several love ones from our life. Despite the horrible event Houstonians fought back twice as hard, acting like a real family through tough times and helping each other out when the cameras were off. From my point of view, I can surely say that among civilians we made a lot happen before the law enforcement and national guard even took action. This one is for you Houstonians, victims & heroes.

One of the few victims I interviewed, Geovanni, didn’t really suffer much damage to the house, but had a little water inside the garage. He said that as he would watch the media and speak to peers that really lost everything, it really sparked a flame in him to go out there and help the community.

Taking civilians to shelter and providing plenty of floaters for people transport their stuff, there while they get off the rescue speed boats provided by the national guard and fellow community residents. I myself was there as well and I saw the faces full of faith and terrible loss, which was a bitter sweet type feeling.

By C.F.


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