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February 21, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Itzel Arista is a junior taking architecture class.  She believes architecture a good program because you learn how to make house plans.  In the class you build house floor plans and 3D models. "I want to gain experience...

Texas 2K18

February 20, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Texas 2k is a drag racing event hosted once a year for four days straight. It usually happens during March every year. The winner for 2k17 was the Nissan GTR with 206 mph in 6.937 seconds. Graduate Walid Alokozai and Senior Gildardo...

Senior Packages & Letterman Jackets

February 19, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Hey Seniors! If you missed Balfour at the commons during lunch, you can still place your orders online. You must make an account on www.Balfour.com. They will also take orders for Letterman jackets. Be sure that your teacher makes...

Houston Auto Show

February 16, 2018

Filed under Student Life

January 23, 2018 Houston Auto Show was held at NRG stadium.  They had cars and trucks of the future and they provided a way to let people experience the inside of their dream car. Houston Auto sShow also had new vehicles and...

Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018

Filed under Student Life

February 14 is here, and everyone is running around getting there loved ones something at the very last minute, especially the teens with tight budgets. There are plenty of options if someone is facing these issue.  For example,...

Dance Team

February 8, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Jamie Flores, one of the dance member tells about taking dance class next year! She tells how this class helps with her credit and course. She tells about how this course makes her improve her body structure and manage to make...

How to Take Care of Your Car During the Cold

February 7, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Houston had a bad ice storm on January 15 and 16. It got really bad, and the best recommendation was to just stay at home and do not go anywhere. It was dangerous for people to drive because their were cars slipping on the ice,...

New Year Resolutions for 2018

January 29, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Have you ever given up on a New Years resolution by the end of January? Does it seem like it could be impossible to reach your 2018 goals? Chances are that you have, and you are not alone. Most people give up on new year resolutions...

Icy Weather

January 25, 2018

Filed under Student Life

On January 16th and 17th, all school districts, roads, and freeways were closed due to really cold weather and icy roads. It wasn't safe to drive during those days. It got as low as 20 degrees and started hailing as well. Senior...

Don’t be yourself today

January 25, 2018

Filed under Student Life

On Friday, January 12th, Bush High School held a gender swap day, where girls dressed as guys, and guys dressed as girls. This was only for the seniors to participate in. "I didn't have any girl clothes, so I wore my girlfriend's...

Aaliyah Rhodes

January 25, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Aaliyah Rhodes, a sophomore student, thinks it is important to be a part of AVID.  It motivates her and help to prepare her for the future and college. She is a hard working AVID member and does whatever it takes to complete...

New Years Resolutions

December 19, 2017

Filed under Student Life

The beginning of a new year can be very overwhelming.  Some may want to accomplish a lot of things, but not know where to start.  "I'm planning on moving out and getting a car 2018; I'm just waiting on my tax money. The rest,...

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